We are a Germany-based,
but internationally working consulting service company and our motto is simple: DONE!

From DONE you will not get fancy Powerpoint-slides or useless blah-blah, you’ll get solutions!

When it comes to seemingly impossible HR and business organization, contacting DONE is like “pushing the red button”.

We offer excellent, fast support in every step on the way to building a great, efficient and happy team. Contact DONE and consider it handled.

Impossible is nothing.


philosophy / vision / values

We believe that at the core of any successful company is the right team, working to its full potential.

1. The right people, in the right places: Team members who complement one another form the mechanism of your business engine.

2. Fast pace: We like the fast pace of our clients, nothing is worse than boredom! Working together, with fast-moving forward-thinkers is what drives us.

3. Keeping an eye on the future: Every successful business is a living organism, constantly evolving. Building the right team and an efficient work environment are ongoing projects, developed by keeping an eye on 3 tiers; short-, mid- and long-term development.

4. Competitive but respectful: The former never overwhelming the latter. NEVER! We believe in organic and respectful growth as a key to the long-term success of any start-up.

5. Get it done!: DONE! transforms problems into solutions. Always! There is nothing we have not seen, making nothing impossible. If DONE does not already have an answer for your problem, we will create one.

6. The only acceptable standards? High standards: as our name suggests, we believe in only one thing, getting things DONE! But never at the sacrifice of quality. Quality and quantity are always a primary consideration in creating your unique business solutions.

7. We believe in data: End of story.

8. Seriously: DONE! is far, far from the HR organizations of yesterday. We will implement a KPI-system along HR and other departments, unless it’s not needed, but we have seldom seen this.

9. Get the BIGGER picture: Every company is unique, with their own unique challenges. Understanding the challenges your business faces enables us to devise the right approach and to create solutions tailored to your specific needs.

10. At last: We love what we do, and DONE! can create the solutions required to ensure that you continue to love what you do!

Meet us

We are a professional team that has known one another for years. Together, we’ve built successful HR-departments for other start-ups. Our advantage? We know each other’s strengths. We work with the principle of “one face to the customer”.
BUT: As we are constantly talking about our clients, their challenges and solutions, you’re not only getting input from your dedicated consultant, but from the minds of our entire team.

Our team is native in German, Hebrew, Turkish, Greek, Norwegian, English and French. We maintain a flexible working model with hours of availability Monday to Sunday. If you have an urgent matter, we are on it!

Internally, we have some values and standards we´re living:

Be loyal. To everybody. Push the push. Don´t follow the mainstream. Never forget where we´re coming from. Surprise in a positive way. Review yourself. Don´t wait. Never give up. Be always on a mission. Change your perspective.

Reza Zaroque

Born and raised in Sydney, but with family from all around the world, I consider myself to be a true mixed bag of cultures and ideas. That said, I feel at home the most here in my newly adopted Berlin.

I have a background in Psychology and previously worked in the Mental Health sector in Australia, which was one of the most rewarding, yet challenging, areas I have been involved in. My passions in life are quite diverse. Most of all, I love music, language and psychology in all their various, delicious forms and could spend an endless amount of time on any of them. Additionally, sustainability, health and education are all topics which I consider to be infinitely important. 

For me life is about: learning, caring for others, respecting your environment, perspective and peace.

Languages: English (native) and German
Working on: Spanish

Anika Schoetzau

Do it with passion or don’t do it all – but if you do it, do it with fun! 

As an organizational psychologist, I am convinced that the most important fact at work is the people we work with. After seeing different organizations, I highly appreciate working hand in hand with different cultural backgrounds. Being open to new perspectives enables us to create something new and better we haven’t been able to even think of on our own.

I am taking things serious but with a lot of humor, and even the smallest things can teach us a lesson in life. The challenge of receiving what you deserve to receive has told me my bigger brother. Not really in a caretaking way more like stealing my candy from my plate and then blaming me for stealing his candy. Doesn’t matter if I work or if I don’t work, I am always on the mission of trying out something which I haven’t done before! Life is too beautiful for the fear of uncertainty!  

Languages: German (native), English, Spanish

More facts about me can be found in my Linkedin profile. 

Sophie Schloemann

I am Sophie – and I love people! That´s why I have found the perfect project in my life –  make people feel good and appreciated, no matter who or where they are. This is my attitude to life and a fundamental value in my job. You’ll never see me unpolite.

Started many years ago in the hotel world in Dresden, Milan, Rome and Berlin, I have now been in the People&HR sector for more than 10 years in the most diverse companies.

One thing I love more than people– my wonderful familiy! I love to spend my time with them preferably in the countryside and nature. We play football and go horseback riding, although as a hardened handball player I do everything to get my children excited about Berliner Füchse. If we are not outside, I enjoy a lot renovating our old furniture. You need to see my doors!

Languages: German (native), English and Italian

More facts about me can be found in my Linkedin profile.

Kristin Wasilewski

Kristin Wasilewski

I am a focused, passionate and goal oriented leader with a progressive & positive mindset. I enjoy working with people who are flexible, innovative and have an entrepreneurial mindset, taking risk and are open for new ideas and ways. Finding solutions are my daily business. 

I have studied economics and focused on Human Resource’s Management. In 2008, I started my career in gaining project management skills from various projects e.g. in Afghanistan & South Africa, where I have worked a couple of times as a Consultant in IT & HR. Since 2011, I decided to work in the startup / digital world and have not regretted it yet. 

I’m passionate about cooking / food, traveling and cultures, especially Africa and the Middle East. Beside that, my 2 kids are my biggest blessing and make me a down to earth person. 

Languages: German (native) and English.  

More facts about me can be found in my Linkedin profile.  

Alina Malitz

Born and raised in Berlin but a world wanderer at heart. I am a happy person that always believes in positivity. 

During the past few years, I have lived in England, in the US, Australia and Denmark. In Sydney and Copenhagen, I have adapted the way of living of these happy people and took an inspiring rule with me home: Doing something special each day to have a special day every day. What I love most is strolling through the city with my favorite people and discover little cute coffee shops and drinking cappuccinos with nice coffee art on top. 

A little wisdom in the end: It’s not who you are that matters. It’s who you want to be. Look beyond the obvious and combine it with genius humor and we will be good friends.

Languages: English, German (native) and trying not to forget my knowledge of French, Spanish and Danish. More facts about me can be found in my LinkedIn profile or Xing.

Gala Dolezal

Growing up traveling the world, by the age of 10 I have been to places people can only dream of. I attended kindergarten in India, elementary school in Germany and high school in Israel.

So when people ask me where I’m from I never really have a perfect answer – I’m a mix, I belong nowhere and everywhere.

Being a former pastry chef means I will always have a soft spot for gastro-peeps and am always the one to bring dessert to dinners – but most importantly is has taught me to work under pressure in demanding environments to the highest standard.

I express myself in my clothing and hair color and when I’m not working you can find me in the gym or on the dance floor.

Languages: German (Native), English, Hebrew (Native). More facts about me can be found in my  LinkedIn-profile.

Maximilien Dzikonski

Easy going Canadian, I fell in love with Germany after a study abroad semester that turned into a whole year. I balance every day my love for Berlin with the fact that I grew up in a big snow pit where people speak French and eat Poutine. Between my passion for everything that goes beep or photography, I try to find the time to crack jokes around a pint, play video games, dive into a good book about why journalism is dead or, even scratch off another crazy trip from my bucket list. After 6000km hitchhiking through Canada almost coast to coast, I’m open to suggestions.

With a hybrid background in HR Management and applied communications, spanning four universities, I also hold minors in topics related to Canadian labor law, collective bargaining and sociology. Jack of all trades and master of none, I thrive in chaos where I am constantly challenged and kept on my toes.

Languages: English (Native), French (Native), Working on my German, Spanish and Sign (LSQ). You can find more about me on LinkedIn.

Andrea Fleischer

I am a consultant, designer, traveler, and overall thinker – and I do all of this with a healthy dose of empathy and calmness. Living in Sweden and Canada for a longer period of time made me an open-minded person, and working with international people and exchanging ideas is my understanding of a global life. Participating in shaping the future of work and life in the digital age is what I would like to achieve.
Being a team player to the core, I also love taking ownership of challenging tasks. What’s more, with a background in graphic design, I am equally skilled at creative thinking, structuring information and solving problems.
When I’m not in front of the computer, you can find me hiking the next trail, all the way up to the summit. The view at the top is always worth the struggle.

Languages: German (native), English and Swedish

More facts about me can be found in my Linkedin profile.

Nataly Shuster

I’m originally a Kibbutz member from the south of Israel, a huge football and basketball fan (only watching!) of Hapoel Tel Aviv – therefore you will never see me wearing yellow clothes… I was the first woman who ever became a men football team administrator in Israel and I loved it. I’m still close to the players and follow them on TV every week. Besides that, my friends claim that I’m a good cook and I have some very special Israeli recipes I can share with you.

The most important thing in my life are my friends – I always keep in touch with them no matter how far I am. I’m a very committed person, when I have a mission in front of me I will always be dedicated until I reach it. I’m happy to live in Berlin and I’m completely in love with the city which has always been my dream city.

Languages: Hebrew (native) and English.

More facts about me can be found in my Linkedin profile.

Viktoria Lindner

Born in Berlin I designated the world as my home.

My job has always required to travel to every corner of the world, showing me almost the entire globe. In doing so, I learned to organize myself perfectly and coined my personality with flexibility and a deep understanding of other perceptions. Though my tolerant nature is recognizable as I am in a relationship with a ,,Schwabe’’

I connect the background of psychology with a solution-oriented pragmatism of the business world. My approach is always supported by my intuitiveness which leads me to question conventional ways. My greatest faith is passion and purpose and as Mandela once said:

,,There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

Languages: german (native) and English.

You can also find me on LinkedIn.

Marie Schmieder

My usual state: on a mission. I love to set myself goals and methods for keeping track on them. I don’t expect failure, but it’s part of the process. Therefore sometimes you should take risks. Not wild risks, but calculated ones. So the best way to always win the big game is to have alternate plans for losing various battles.

As a genuine Berliner, having lived abroad in London and New York, I am very curious in different cultures as well as catching up with new people, who feed me with inspiring energy. In my free time, I am an absolutely foodie – I am on track of almost every restaurant in Berlin and the first thing I would love to do is to start my dinner with the desert. Or why shall I wait for the best?

Languages: German (native), English and French.

More facts about me can be found in my LinkedIn and Xing profiles.

Myrto Tzani

I’m an open book – what you see is what you get.

Having an engineering background, I see solutions where others see problems. There’s no need to say it twice, what you need, consider it done!

I ‘m full of greek temperament: loud, cheerful and carefree but also hard working and confident.  My motto is being loyal and dedicated to the people I love and respect; besides, I get really excited, when I get to put a smile in someone’s face. Cooking is my absolute passion and you ’lI often find me trying to learn some new words in a foreign language. Sunlight and water are my power sources – therefore I am always willing to talk about how much I adore Berlin for reminding me even slightly of the dear old homeland!

Languages: Greek (native), German and English, working on my French and Italian skills. More facts about me can be found in my Linkedin profile.

Björn Kaatz

Genuine Berliner, combining Norwegian modesty and German straightforwardness. Having lived around the globe, I am very open-minded and think without borders and categories. This also constitutes my optimistic and positive character. For me, the glass is half-full – not half-empty – and yes, I also believe my favourite team Hertha BSC will win the championship latest in 2035! In my free time I play tennis and do kickboxing, because I love action and fast pace. Equally, I cherish relaxed evenings with a glass of red wine and inspiring talks.

Did my first professional steps in the corporate area but unleashed my entrepreneurial spirit in Sweden, where I set up several projects. Currently you can see me at Humboldt University, where I am studying for my state degree in German Law. More facts about me can be found in my Linkedin profile. Languages: Native German & Norwegian; English, French, Swedish

Alina Greinert

“The only thing you ever have is now.” Eckhart Tolle

I am a social butterfly with a positive outlook and “YES”- approach to life, balancing between the worlds of grounded business focus and spirituality. I like to challenge the status quo and to push the known comfort zone. Business as usual was yesterday. We can always do better and are capable of so much more than we often realize. Did you know that the world record of breath holding lies at 22 minutes and 22 seconds? Yip.

In my most happy state you find me active and outdoors, balancing body, mind and soul while (re)connecting with nature on a deeper level, preferably somewhere between the bottom of the ocean and the top of a mountain. –

I aim to make a difference and to lead by example every day, even in small steps!

Languages: German, English. More facts about me can be found in my LinkedIn and Xing profiles.

Cornelia Hoppe

I personify DONE! I fear no challenge, inside or outside of my business. I am an entrepreneur so I know how a CEO can freak out when everything is not going smoothly but still needs to smile and maintain a cool demeanor. I will win any Nutella eating competition, and am working to adopt Manuel Neuer (yes, the German goal keeper) as my little brother – despite already having the worlds best. I have accidentally put my smartphone in the wash and may be the biggest Marie Curie fan in the world. My baseline: There is no love in a company, just business and numbers (ok, a little love has every company. But it´s rather magic.) I have learned HR at Stepstone, had great times at Lidl, accompanied AirBnB’s internationalization from day 1 in Europe, Cascanda / Fab.com, helped Kreditech in their growth and am now working to shape ie. WeWork or N26. Languages: German (native) and English. More facts about me can be found in my Linkedin profile.


Recruitment & Talent Management

We are not headhunters!  What does this mean?  We will not throw 3 CV’s over the fence just to make some cash.  Our ideas about working together with companies can be expressed in 2 words; efficiency and sustainability.  We work as consultants to teach you how to find the right people so that you can find them yourself in the future.  And, we make your recruitment measurable.

Employer and employee branding

Think about staffing from the perspective of an employee.  You’re scrolling through your favorite jobs portal listing tons of available positions, would you jump at a position with a company whose name you’ve never heard of?  You would probably say “yes”, but that’s not the case for many.  We will support you in building your reputation as a unique brand, this begins with employee branding, as they become your ambassadors.


We’ve seen many fast growing companies.  There’s always a point where a company has to determine hierarchy implementation, which professional roles to fill, when, and why.  Insourcing vs. outsourcing.  We will work to find the right solutions for your unique circumstance.  We will also deliver the right M&A plans, quickly!

Company Culture

We have worked with lots of international companies and seen the pros and cons of many styles of business.  This knowledge enables us to effectively and efficiently shape your company culture.

Internal Communication

Sometimes you need to know what your employees think, where they are coming from and their expectations.  We can set up surveys, analyze their results and plan the next steps.  We can help you establish the standards, plan and run workshops, accompanying your personnel and organizational development.

Visa & Administration

As we often work with international companies, we are aware of the support required for visa applications.  Not that we love the paperwork, but we know how it’s done and what to do when the answer is “NO!”  There is always another opportunity.

how we work

Consulting Services – Projects

First of all: We are not a headhunter. This means we won’t just throw three CVs over the fence and then collect the cash. Because our planned relationship with companies shall be built on efficiency and sustainability. We operate as consultants and show you how to find staffing so that you can do it by yourself next time. And we provide the tools to measure your recruitment success.

Consulting Services

“I only have a short question…”: Pre-paid ticket valid for 10. Many companies do not require full consulting services, but simply an opinion. We can offer you our opinion or feedback to questions like; “Can you please talk to this candidate for 15 minutes? ”, “Can you please contact this reference?”, “What do you mean about exhibition XY and what are your experiences”. In these instances, we offer a pre-paid ticket for 10 questions (a max. 1 hour), valid for use within one year of purchase, whenever you want with full cost-control and transparency.


We work with both national and international companies. Usually the CEO or HR manager is referred by another company or friend who suggests they call us when there’s too much work or seemingly no solution in sight. This is when we jump in!

Here you´ll see some of our awesome clients. And of course we do have many many more clients. And we love all of them. By heart.

Open positions

Consultant (w/m), bevorzugt am Standort Berlin

Wir sind DONE! (www.doneberlin.com) – ein Beratungsunternehmen aus Berlin, welches den Schwerpunkt auf Prozess- und Organisationsentwickelung sowie Human Resources setzt, national wie international. Wir arbeiten vorrangig mit noch jungen oder sich in der Gründungsphase befindlichen Firmen zusammen, jedoch zählen wir auch namhafte StartUps und Mittelständler zu unserem Portfolio. Einer unserer Schwerpunkte ist die Internationalisierung v.a. amerikanischer Unternehmen. Unser Prinzip ist simpel: Wir machen Unmögliches möglich  – we´re getting it done.

Aktuell sind wir auf der Suche nach einem smarten Consultant in Berlin, der unsere Kunden v.a. bei Research- und Organisationsprojekten unterstützt. Eigentlich ist auch hier unsere Philosophie ganz simpel: Wir suchen jemanden, der mitdenken, querdenken, um-die-Ecke-denken und voraus denken kann und das alles auch noch in adäquate Kommunikation umsetzt. Kurz gesagt: Einen wirklich cleveren Mitarbeiter.

Eine kurze Zusammenfassung Deiner Tätigkeiten (es kommen sicherlich noch ca. 150 weitere dazu):

  • Research, Direct Search, General Search – richtig gut gemacht, wirst Du Dein Wissen exzellent anwenden können, u.a. über Bewerber, gute und weniger gute Organisationen, JobAds und HR
  • Kommunikation hauptsächlich mit Kunden (Tel. und vor Ort), Bewerbern (Tel. und vor Ort), Interessenten und Kandidaten
  • Konzipierung von Prozessen & Strukturen
  • Konzipierung von z.B. Asessment Centern
  • Organisation von Follow-Ups, Terminierungen
  • Mitarbeit an Projekten im In- und Ausland


  • Du solltest eine Universität oder FH von innen gesehen haben und somit einen Bachelor oder Master mitbringen; das Fach ist nicht von Relevanz, jedoch Dein methodisches Arbeiten
  • Du hast bereits bei einem Mittelständler, im Konzern oder einem StartUp gearbeitet – und alles war Dir tendenziell zu langweilig. Du brauchst und willst Action, den ganzen Tag.
  • Du kannst Dinge auf den Punkt bringen, Dich stört es aber auch nicht, wenn Du etwas zum 50. Mal erklären musst.
  • Du kannst mindestens zwei Mentalitäten miteinander verbinden: Faktenorientiert und emotional.
  • Du musst clever sein – quasi ein MacGuyver Deiner Zeit. Wenn Du keine Antwort hast, weisst Du, wo Du sie schnellstens herbekommen wirst.
  • Dir ist „machen“ lieber als lange zu schwafeln und brauchst nicht für alles eine Gebrauchsanleitung
  • Du erzählst nicht nur von Visionen, sondern setzt sie um – und zwar noch am selben Tag und nicht erst morgen.
  • Dir ist Fair-Play auf jeder Ebene extremst wichtig.
  • Vor einem PC und dessen MS-Office-Programmen hast Du schon des Öfteren gesessen – zudem bist Du ein Orthographie- und Grammatikfreund.
  • Deutsch und Englisch sind Dir geläufig. Wir sprechen als Companysprache Englisch, sodass es zwingend erforderlich ist.

Warum DONE! ?

Wir werden Dich an dieser Stelle nicht mit Selbstverständlichkeiten langweilen.

Bei uns zu arbeiten ist einmalig, da uns nicht Anwesenheitszeiten, sondern Verantwortungsübernahme am wichtigsten ist. Du bist eher der Spätaufsteher? Oder sitzt am liebsten schon um 4h00 morgens vor dem PC? Bei uns geht grds. alles, solange Du Deinen Verantwortungsbereich im Griff hast. Ein Office gibt es bei DONE! nicht, da wir ausschließlich über Ziele führen und wir es für gewöhnlich mit erwachsenen Menschen zu tun haben, die sich selbst organisieren können.

Zudem testen wir immer wieder einige ungewöhnliche, aber selbstredend sehr angenehme Work-Life-Balance-Ansätze. Wir sind ein multilinguales Team: Wir sprechen muttersprachlich Deutsch, Spanisch, Rumänisch sowie Norwegisch. Englisch ist somit überwiegend unsere Company- Sprache.

Wir freuen uns von Dir zu hören! Bitte ohne Abi-Zeugnisse und Motivationsschreiben, wo Du eine „Herausforderung“ suchst. Sondern mit einem CV (oder sehr gepflegtem Xing-/ LinkedIn-Profil) und einem Anschreiben in der Mail mit ein paar Stichpunkten, was Du im Leben erreichen möchtest. Uns interessiert eher die Zukunft als Deine komplette Vergangenheit. Let´s talk: cornelia@doneberlin.com.