DONE! Will Reduce Its Carbon Footprint

News! News! News! We support the initiative of Leaders for Climate Action and have become a verified member since January 2021. Leaders for Climate Action is an entrepreneurial community with 700 leaders and 500 tech and VC companies. We have already offset 4,340 kg of CO2 greenhouse gases for 2020 and will now reduce our carbon footprint by another 20 percent in 2021.

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Be Competitive With Our Exclusive Talent Pool

DONE!Berlin has developed an excellent, clever and cost-efficient talent pool for its clients. The DONE! & Friends Talent Pool offers pre-screened candidates, and a broad data base of top talents. This new service will save you a lot of time and cut your recruiting and headhunter costs.

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DONE! Supports QX Leaders4Students Program

Our founder and MD Cornelia was invited by QX-Quarterly Crossing to support its Leaders4Students Program. The QX initiative is based on an enriching exchange between selected leaders and students. Yesterday 10 young talents had the opportunity to ask Cornelia about her career and her leadership qualities. Find out more about the students' questions and Cornelia's answers.

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Short-Time Work: How To Apply?

Together with Kevin Kessler, lawyer at Arvantage, DONE! has given valuable information about short-time work during its first virtual Emergency Readiness Round Table for MDs, founders and HR Managers. Please read our summary to get informed and to keep your employees.

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Job Hoppers’ Image Changes

Our MD Marie was asked about her experiences with job hoppers by Gründerszene. Some of her statements were used, but here is the full statement from her side: "So far, the word “job hopper” has a negative connotation, because it is used for employees who ....

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New Management Team

Since the beginning of 2020 there is a new DONE! leadership team in place with Marie Kanellopulus, Janet Haupka and founder Cornelia Hoppe. The kick-off of their new collaboration is underlined by the website's relaunch. What's coming next?

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