Digitalisation In Accounting Needs People Development

COVID-19 has become a catalyst for digitalisation in many proficiencies. Job descriptions will completely change, employees are unable to cope with these changes at work and new requirements. The CEO of DONE!Financials Magnus Bilke and our Managing Director Janet Haupka are discussing how you process a successful digital transformation in accounting. Their advices are beneficials for any other job field.

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What Are The First Steps For A Positive Candidate Experience?

The overall experience of a candidate during the application process is becoming more and more important for the HR department, because an excellent experience of the candidate is a real competitive advantage! Why? Because it can increase your positive brand awareness, your applications and the quality of your hires, which also leads to lower costs per hire. Read about our 7 tips on how to improve the experience of your candidates.

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Put Mental Health On Your HR Agenda

Mental health problems have increased tremendously over the years. This means not only a great deal of personal suffering, but also social and economic losses due to reduced productivity at the workplace, increased absenteeism, greater fluctuation, shortage of skilled workers and, as a result, higher recruiting costs. HR and the top management should put mental health of their employees on the agenda - especially in times of the Corona pandemic.

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