What Are The First Steps For A Positive Candidate Experience?

The overall experience of a candidate during the application process is becoming more and more important for the HR department, because an excellent experience of the candidate is a real competitive advantage! Why? Because it can increase your positive brand awareness, your applications and the quality of your hires, which also leads to lower costs per hire. Read about our 7 tips on how to improve the experience of your candidates.

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Put Mental Health On Your HR Agenda

Mental health problems have increased tremendously over the years. This means not only a great deal of personal suffering, but also social and economic losses due to reduced productivity at the workplace, increased absenteeism, greater fluctuation, shortage of skilled workers and, as a result, higher recruiting costs. HR and the top management should put mental health of their employees on the agenda - especially in times of the Corona pandemic.

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Growth Management: Swapfiets x DONE!

Many DONE! clients are fast growing companies, such as Swapfiets. Founded 2014 in the Netherlands, Swapfiets is today present in more than 50 cities across 6 countries. To secure a successful growth you need a reliable partner for all Human Resources matters. These 4 HR essentials are to be observed: automation of processes, workforce planning, keeping attention to local regulations and cultural differences.

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Exciting Times For HR

Every day DONE! experiences how the HR working world is changing due to the Corona pandemic. Our Managing Director, Marie, has summarized three of the main HR trends for you she has observed recently. Enjoy reading her thoughts.

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Agile Work Starts At HR

Crises change a society - and in the case of the Corona pandemic, it especially affects the world of work and business. Don't we then need agile management right now, so that the organisation can quickly adapt to the changed situation, new market conditions or new customer needs? Yes, we do. Let's discuss how HR can set the course for agile working.

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Mentoring Is An Important Onboarding Tool

During our last DONE! round tables and recent blog articles we have discussed many aspects of a successful onboarding process. It is important to create a great onboarding journey for newbies so that they feel confident, fully understand their field of work, and can quickly become effective. A mentoring program is an important building block for a well-working onboarding.

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Sustainability Is An Employer Branding Advantage

According to a survey conducted by Global Tolerance, 62% of young people want to work only for companies and organisations that have a positive environmental and social impact. That is why sustainability becomes important for any enterprise - especially in regards of employer branding. Our MD Janet has some ideas for companies to start with sustainability.

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Needs Internal Communication Improvement?

During the previous months, internal communication has become very crucial for employees, as a result of the lockdown. It’s critical for any company to make internal communications a priority in such as situation because it will secure an efficient business flow and business continuity. Let’s have a look at best practices and room for improvement.

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