New Leadership: Many Roles And No Cuddle Course

For years, managers have known what is needed and taught others how to do it. "Command and Control" was the name of this leadership style. But through all the discussions about New Work and the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become clear that this type of leadership will no longer be successful in the future. Learn more about New Leadership in our blog post.

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Diversity Roles Are On The Rise

Reports from McKinsey, Deloitte or Harvard Business Review have offered endless arguments that diversity in companies leads to many benefits, such as increased sales and revenues. More recently, companies have identified diversity as a way to trigger creativity and as a driver of innovation. Read more about best practices from DONE! and about tips how to implement diversity in your company.

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Change Management Only Works With HR

Due to the Corona crisis many companies are facing changes. Our Managing Directors Marie and Janet discuss why corporate change so often fails - and how things can be improved during change management processes. When companies change, the human factor is often underestimated.

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Bring HR To The Next Digital Level

For us, personal contact and personal advice always come first. But of course we also know that digital tools make our working life much easier and are essential for modern HR work today. We would now like to present software to you we are really convinced of. Learn more about the excellent People & Culture Platform from CultureAmp.

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Legal Tips Around Home Office

Today many employees work from home. Employers and employees are uncertain if they correctly carry out home office due to legal aspects. That is why we have invited Kevin Keßler from Arvantage Gastell Rechtsanwälte PartG mbB, a law firm specializing in employment law, to give us more background information about this topic.

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