1007, 2020

Sustainability Is An Employer Branding Advantage

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According to a survey conducted by Global Tolerance, 62% of young people want to work only for companies and organisations that have a positive environmental and social impact. That is why sustainability becomes important for any enterprise - especially in regards of employer branding. Our MD Janet has some ideas for companies to start with sustainability.

907, 2020

Needs Internal Communication Improvement?

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During the previous months, internal communication has become very crucial for employees, as a result of the lockdown. It’s critical for any company to make internal communications a priority in such as situation because it will secure an efficient business flow and business continuity. Let’s have a look at best practices and room for improvement.

2306, 2020

Is Desk Sharing Sustainable?

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Desk sharing is a concept that many large companies and start-ups have already implemented. Though there are very different experiences with desk sharing, because it has advantages and disadvantages. Our MD Marie has shed light on this topic and talks about her experiences at clients.

1706, 2020

Bring HR To The Next Digital Level

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For us, personal contact and personal advice always come first. But of course we also know that digital tools make our working life much easier and are essential for modern HR work today. We would now like to present software to you we are really convinced of. Learn more about the excellent People & Culture Platform from CultureAmp.

506, 2020

Have You A Corporate Culture Gap?

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In many companies there is a gap between the corporate culture-as-imagined and the culture-as-practiced. A healthy and good flourishing corporate culture has a great influence on employee satisfaction and thus on economic success. It is now particularly important in order to continue to enjoy work and be productive despite the crisis.

2205, 2020

How To Retain Talents In A Virtual Organisation?

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For employees it has become a challenge to stay motivated and engaged during this long home office period. In addition, new employees need special attention that they feel comfortable with their new employer. The experts of Culture Amp and DONE! provide tips how to retain talents in a virtual organisation.

1305, 2020

Legal Tips Around Home Office

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Today many employees work from home. Employers and employees are uncertain if they correctly carry out home office due to legal aspects. That is why we have invited Kevin Keßler from Arvantage Gastell Rechtsanwälte PartG mbB, a law firm specializing in employment law, to give us more background information about this topic.

2304, 2020

DONE! Supports QX Leaders4Students Program

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Our founder and MD Cornelia was invited by QX-Quarterly Crossing to support its Leaders4Students Program. The QX initiative is based on an enriching exchange between selected leaders and students. Yesterday 10 young talents had the opportunity to ask Cornelia about her career and her leadership qualities. Find out more about the students' questions and Cornelia's answers.

1704, 2020

Myrto: Our Recruiting Expert

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Meet our team! We would like to use our blog to introduce the whole DONE! team to you. In our first post, our colleague Myrto talks about her work and experiences. Myrto is a recruiting specialist. For her every applicant is an A-candidate.