2303, 2020

Short-Time Work: How To Apply?

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Together with Kevin Kessler, lawyer at Arvantage, DONE! has given valuable information about short-time work during its first virtual Emergency Readiness Roundtable for MDs, founders and HR Managers. Please read our summary to get informed and to keep your employees.

903, 2020

Coronavirus: Move To Remote Work

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We move towards remote work due to the coronovirus epidemic. But how can organisations change quickly to virtual work without sacrificing performance? DONE! has been practising remote work since 2013 and will now support companies by offering advice to implement a remote work style on short notice.

303, 2020

DONE!’s New Work Culture

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DONE! has been living a New Work culture since its foundation in 2013, which is a massive amount of experience we would like to share with you: What does New Work mean to us, how do we implement it with our team and what are our learnings?

203, 2020

Job Hoppers’ Image Changes

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Our MD Marie was asked about her experiences with job hoppers by Gründerszene. Some of her statements were used, but here is the full statement from her side: "So far, the word “job hopper” has a negative connotation, because it is used for employees who ....

2402, 2020

New Management Team

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Since the beginning of 2020 there is a new DONE! leadership team in place with Marie Kanellopulus, Janet Haupka and founder Cornelia Hoppe. The kick-off of their new collaboration is underlined by the website's relaunch. What's coming next?