Robert joined the DONE! Squad in July 2020 in a very “outside-the-box” manner by booking a slot directly in our Managing Director’s calendar. This is how it started. Ever since, he has been involved with clients such as Backbone,, MATE & Accenture Interactive, just to name a few.

At first, he joined the DONE! universe as a working student at our MVP, DONE! & Friends (D&F). Over the last year he has finished his master’s degree, transitioned into a full-time role and keeps shaping this very MVP as he handles sales, operations and customer management. Closely with our Managing Director, Robert is always striving to improve the product, whether that means introducing a new application tracking system or creating internal processes to make life easier for our consultants.

Own Project Responsibility Becomes A Matter Of The Heart

D&F became a personal project for me over the last year. When you invest that many hours into one project, you want to see it thrive. It’s rare that you get the chance to come up with ideas, test them, think outside the box and finally implement everything at the end. In a sense, D&F is our own small company baby. It is our Talent pool, filled with our candidates.

D&F is also an excellent example of how sustainability and respect can be brought into recruiting. Talking to candidates on a daily basis it is important to check in and follow up with them respectfully and to let them know about processes and potential interesting opportunities. With D&F we have done exactly that, but to the next level. A candidate of ours can decide whether or not to be in our talent pool. Companies are able to browse through the pool in order to find the best talent. They can see all crucial information at once, since we have talked to each and every candidate already. It’s as easy, fast and fair as that.

Diversity And Inclusion Become Meaningful

Being brought up in such an international environment, dealing with people from all around the world every day, is what motivates me and feeds my soul. So it’s only natural that Diversity and Inclusion is very close to my heart. Especially as a white cis-man, it is important to acknowledge and engage with the LQBTQIA+ community, not only in private but even more importantly in the business world. According to the McKinsey & Company study “Companies in the top-quartile for ethnic/cultural diversity on executive teams were 33% more likely to have industry-leading profitability“. Hereby diversity is broader than only gender. This proves that everyone who is interested in a company’s success should also be invested in a company’s people and culture.

In practice, I am grateful to work in a female-led company with dozens of different nationalities, cultures and opinions.

 Personal Facts About Robert

“Happiness is always above money and glory”, that is the motto which keeps me going! Define happiness, create happiness & live it! A 3rd generation Berliner, born and raised in this wonderful melting pot of cultures, which I am proud to call my home. I found my happiness in people with different backgrounds, travelling and backpacking for months, couchsurfing and experiencing a country, rather than browsing through a brochure. Back in Berlin, I am always exploring the same food I ate during my travels! Business background, globetrotter mindset. Outside of travels and work you´ll find me around my buddies with a glass of red wine discussing and philosophising world politics or our favourite, the chicken or the egg problem.