Our colleague Ashley is an expert in Talent Acquisition. She is highly experienced if it comes to FinTechs and their needs in respect of human resources and organisation. Ashley used to work for N26 as Business Recruiting Partner and now is Senior Consultant at DONE!Berlin.

When she joined DONE! it was in her best interest to continue supporting some of the most innovative fintech startups in Berlin. Joining Sezzle in late 2020 was her intro into the „Buy Now Pay Later World“ – an industry approaching a trillion dollars, with financial products enabling flexibility to customers and increasing basket sizes for Merchants, a win-win product, especially in the uncertain time of COVID-19.

Purpose Is Becoming More And More Important In Life And In The Working World

For Ashley, having purpose in every aspect of her daily life is of the utmost value. It’s what always keeps her driven and curious. Now as a consultant, it’s equally important to her to have a stronger purpose than just helping a company with a cool product or an amazing business model.

Also, from a hiring perspective, Ashley has experienced that people long to work for a company where the product is actually applicable to them or that they actually use. However, that’s not enough any more either. Candidates are looking for more. They are now much more interested in sustainability or the social impact of the company and its products on the environment.

Therefore, she is doubly happy to work for Sezzle. The fintech’s mission is to financially empower the next generation, and to go beyond finance by supporting financial wellness and empowerment across many users’ lives, creating a better world for the next generation through ethical initiatives. In addition, the company plans a new tree for every active user.

Personal Facts About Ashley

 Ashley is Canadian born and raised from let’s say from a very culturally dynamic family – with a German mother and a Persian father. She is passionate, adventurous, outspoken, but always leaving a little room for a laugh. In addition, she has a wide range of interests, from psychology, politics, fashion, sports. If you catch her outside work, she will for sure be with her Siberian Husky Nico, an analogue camera in hand, with either a skateboard or hiking boots no matter the climate.