In the past 20 years, many small and medium-sized companies have developed from craft-based production enterprises into globally active high-tech companies. The need for qualified, heterogeneous and international employees is growing accordingly. In many companies, however, the HR department has not yet been able to adapt fully to the company’s new requirements. There is a lack of digital recruiting processes and tools. Many mid-sized companies are facing an ageing workforce. But the best way to reach young and international talent today is digitally.

For this reason, many small and medium-sized companies are struggling to fill vacant positions with the right employees. That is why they are currently putting their human resources management to the test. This also involves the question: How can recruiting work be modernised – without losing the identity of the small and medium-sized company? SMEs are looking for tailored solutions and do not simply want to imitate large corporations.


In order to build up young talents at an early stage, to be able to address potential experts and managers personally and as an individual employer brand, new approaches must be taken. In addition, recruiting will change radically in the next decade. Not only will it become digital, but the concept of traditional job platforms, such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster or StepStone, will become obsolete.

Young talents today want more than just the right match between their resume and the job profile on offer. They want to be part of a community, build long-term relationships with the company, receive tailored offers and services for their career development and expertise. Vertical online platforms will be the future winners for this reason – and are a perfect fit for the requirements in small and medium-sized businesses. They decide the “war for talents” and save in-house HR staff a lot of time and money. In addition, they offer SMEs the opportunity to highlight their particular strengths to junior staff and to retain them on a very personal and long-term basis.


A well maintained talent pool offers ad hoc a broad range of suitable talents. The company’s recruiter does not start at zero. Therefore, it shortens the time-to-hire. Furthermore, the company will save a lot of money because it has no need for a headhunter any more to fill positions for managers and experts.

But a talent pool only helps recruiters, if the pool is well curated, has a high quality of candidates and, of course, if the data is up-to-date. That is why a talent pool also ties a lot of manpower within your HR department if you build up a talent pool in-house. Because your HR managers will keep in touch with potential candidates for a longer period of time, serve them with information around the company on a regular basis, and integrate them in important company events.

For these reasons, an interim solution for SMEs could be an external talent pool for the time being. The DONE! & Friends Talent Pool offers a clever and cost-efficient external solution for active and international sourcing. DONE! & Friends is the Talent Pool of DONE!Berlin, an international growth consultancy, founded in 2013. DONE! has already placed over 5.000 candidates in start-ups, innovation labs and corporates

If you become a member of DONE! & Friends, your benefits are incredibly high:

  • The DONE! & Friends database offers a broad range of profiles from executives, sales, marketing and graduate candidates. In addition, the pool also presents tech professionals and engineers, who are hard to recruit at the moment.
  • All candidates have to pass an interview. That is how DONE! secures the high quality of its talent pool.
  • A pre-selection is made easy because the candidate profiles include – next to the CV with professional experience – the salary expectations, availability, mobility preferences, and work eligibility in Germany.
  • Furthermore, the DONE! team takes care of the maintenance, makes sure that the candidates’ data are current and keep a personal contact to each talent.
  • Companies only pay an annual membership fee. If there is a placement, there will be no extra costs involved.

Setting up your own talent pool or using an external pool makes recruiting much easier for small and medium-sized companies. SMEs should start with this project today in order to be competitive tomorrow. More information about DONE! & Friends: