Our new colleague Katrin jumped right into the deep end and ever since has been looking after clients like Kenbi, DrSmile, NIRx and many other DONE! customers. As one of our recruiting specialists, Katrin brings with her several years of experience in different HR roles from Talent Acquisition to Culture Consultant, so she has become a HR generalist over the time.

At the moment, Katrin works mainly for Kenbi. The successful startup stands for at home nursing care, while giving the nurses back their self-determination. Kenbiā€™s care teams plan their own workday, giving them full control over their route planning, working hours and digital documentation. With the help of an app, most of their paperwork is eliminated. The caregivers thus save time and can invest it into providing better patient care. In this way, Kenbi wants to modernise the nursing profession and make it more attractive in order to close the mounting care gap in Germany.

The Mutual Agreement And Understanding Ensure Successful Cooperation

What fascinates Katrin most, however, is not only Kenbi’s social commitment, but the smooth cooperation with the two founders and the team. She is responsible for Kenbi’s Headquarters recruitment, where the team is growing quickly. Together with Kenbi, she has built an efficient, purely digital and very successful recruiting process to seamlessly support the growth of the young company.

This has only worked out so well, because both partners have a similar understanding of two important points in the collaboration: the way of working and the corporate culture. Both organisations work in an extremely structured and results-oriented method. For this reason, DONE! and Kenbi have established clear goals and expectations, as well as digital and transparent processes. They establish their knowledge management and transfer, roles and responsibilities, a respectful feedback culture and contact persons right at the beginning. Thus, the way of working alone was designed for efficiency, harmony, transparency and commitment. In addition, both parties value respect, honesty, openness, empathy and trust.

These things allow Katrin to work completely independently and on her own responsibilities for Kenbi. Therefore, she is able to quickly deliver the appropriate results for her client. In addition, she brings in many new ideas and at the same time ensures high reliability through the clear agreements.

Especially in the current, often purely virtual consulting situation, building trust is the be-all and end-all. In addition, a motivating “we” feeling helps further to ensure successful cooperation between clients and consultants. DONE! is a perfect match for fast-growing and young companies and innovative business ideas, as the team itself cultivates a New Work and Startup culture.