We are so happy to announce that we have become a verified member of the initiative Leaders for Climate Action. In addition to my role as Managing Director of DONE!Berlin, I have now become the Climate Officer of our company as well, says Janet Haupka. I am really looking forward to reducing our carbon footprint together with our team.

Leaders for Climate Action is an entrepreneurial community that was founded at the end of 2019 in Berlin and has the mission to make a contribution to sustainable and global ecological development and to drive climate action. Within a year Leaders for Climate Action can count on 700 leaders and 500 tech and VC companies that have become verified members. Members are companies such as Idealo, Delivery Hero, Flixbus, Wefox, GetYourGuide, High-Tech Gründerfonds, Earlybird, and many more.

If members aim to make their companies more climate-friendly and reduce their carbon emissions, they first assign a Climate Officer for their companies. With a provided carbon calculator, companies can begin the emission management process: starting with measuring their footprint, then continuously reducing and compensating for the rest. Ultimately, these efforts shape a more ethical corporate culture and encourage employees to think and act in a climate-friendly way.

DONE! Already Has A Low Carbon Footprint

DONE! has offset 4,340 kg of CO2 greenhouse gases for 2020. The emission was measured with the help of the tools from Leaders for Climate Action. This is not a lot of emission for a consultancy firm with around 20 employees. DONE! is in a very fortunate position, as the company has had no office since its foundation in 2013. Therefore electricity, heating, servers, and other facilities such as printers are not contributing to DONE’s CO2 emission on a big scale.

In addition, DONE! keeps its CO2 emission low due to a sustainable mobility approach: All employees are working remote. Therefore, there is no day-to-day commuting to work. In case consultants take over interim management mandates at a Berlin client, they cycle or use the public transportation. If a client is not located in Berlin, employees travel in most cases by train. Anyhow, due to the Corona crisis onsite support at clients’ offices is reduced to the minimum.

Next Steps For DONE! To Reduce Its Carbon Footprint

It will be a challenge to reduce our emissions by 20 percent in 2021, says Janet. The DONE! team now has to calculate the CO2 emission for 2021 and to look for opportunities to reduce the climate footprint. Solutions could be switching to “green” energy or to compensate emission by supporting solar energy or by revitalisation of moors. Moreover, each individual employee will consider how she or he could reduce emission for DONE!.

Sustainability is a philosophy of life for Janet: In her private life, she eats vegan, tries to avoid plastic and buys in zero waste shops. She bikes to work and always has her lunch box with her. Therefore, she welcomes her new role as Climate Officer for DONE!

Her company has already worked for more than 500 startups. The topic of sustainability plays a central role for DONE!s clients. On the one hand, the proportion of startups dedicated to the green economy is growing continuously. According to the Deutschen Startup Monitor 2020, “green” startups have increased from 32.8% to 43.4% since 2018. On the other hand, the startup industry is generally committed to more sustainability that is also shown in the growing number of Leaders for Climate Action members.

Sustainability becomes a competitive advantage to win consumers, but also investors. Sustainability will be the cornerstone for any company in the future. I am sure our own experiences of becoming carbon neutral will also help us to advise the C-level management board of our clients and am looking forward to it, says Janet.

For more information, please contact Janet (janet@doneberlin.com).