Our Managing Director Janet is the HR expert. She often works for our clients as an interim manager, building up internal teams or leading the HR department for them, next to implementing systems, establishing processes and advising the C-level management, as well as the founders.

She has worked for Treatwell, KPMG, and N26. Since April 2019, she has been supporting the DONE! team as Senior Consultant and for the past 10 months has also been acting in the role of Managing Director for our boutique consultancy.

But her real affair of the heart is sustainability. Sustainability already is a business imperative for companies, says Janet. Many studies and research have already proven that a sustainable commitment improves the brand image and employer branding in general. Today, stakeholders are expecting that companies take care of society and the environment. This kind of engagement attracts consumers, clients, talent and investors. In addition, it enhances employee retention and the recruitment rate.

I am sure that our advisory mandate will include more and more sustainable aspects in the future. It will consider ecological, social and personal requirements at the same time. For us, it will be quite an exhilarating challenge to build and develop growth from an economic, ethical and ecological point of view and help our clients contribute to a healthier and more prosperous society.

In her private life, Janet also tries to be sustainable as much as possible: She eats vegan, tries to avoid plastic and buys in zero waste shops. She bikes to work and always has her lunch box with her. Besides that, DONE! has no office since its founding in 2013, works energy efficiently and paperless. All team members keep an eye on saving the environment as much as possible.

Janet continues to drive sustainability at DONE! and wants to further reduce the company’s CO2 footprint. For this reason, Janet has applied for DONE! membership in Leader for Climate Action. – an entrepreneurial community that drives climate action. She is looking forward to being part of this startup community and gaining more expertise around sustainability in order to be able to pass on her experiences and knowledge to her clients.

If you have any questions, please contact Janet (janet@doneberlin.com).