A study of the university Bamberg “Recruiting Trends 2019” proves that a talent pool is one of the most popular active sourcing tools, used by recruiters. Why is that? Well, a talent pool has many advantages:

  • It offers ad hoc a broad range of suitable talents. The company’s recruiter does not start at zero. It saves the recruiter’s time and shortens the time-to-hire.
  • Moreover the talent pool offers the recruiter a pre-selection of candidates through filter options.
  • Furthermore, the company will save a lot of money because it has no need for a headhunter anymore who usually earns around a third of the annual income of the position that is to be filled.


A talent pool only helps recruiters, if the pool is well curated, has a high quality of candidates and, of course, if the data is up-to-date. That ties up a lot of human resources if you build up a talent pool in-house. DONE! Berlin is well aware of this problem. That is why DONE! has developed the DONE! & Friends Talent Pool to offer its customers a clever and cost-efficient external solution for their active sourcing.

If you become a member of the DONE! & Friends Talent Pool, your benefits are incredibly high:

  • The DONE! & Friends database offers a broad range of profiles from executives, sales, marketing and graduate candidates. In addition, the pool also presents tech professionals and engineers who are hard to recruit at the moment.
  • All candidates have to pass an assessment. That is how DONE! secures the high quality of its talent pool.
  • A pre-selection is made easy because the candidate profiles include – next to the CV with professional experience – the salary expectations, availability, mobility preferences, and work eligibility in Germany.
  • Furthermore, the DONE! team takes care of the maintenance and makes sure that the candidates’ data are current.
  • The members of DONE! & Friends receive 20+ candidate profiles every week.
  • And they only pay a monthly or annual membership fee. If there is a placement, there will be no extra costs involved.

As you can see, the DONE! & Friends Talent Pool will make recruiting and active sourcing as simple, fair, fast and cost-efficient as possible.

The DONE! Managing Directors Cornelia, Marie und Janet together with their team of 25 consultants have helped more than 500 clients like N26, Airbnb and Volocopter to achieve their growth goals and placed more than 5.000 candidates. Whoever becomes a member of DONE! & Friends can rely on their extensive and unique HR expertise in all talent and scaling aspects.

For more information please visit the DONE! & Friends website: https://doneandfriends.com/ or contact our colleague Christian (Christian@doneberlin.com).