We have worked with Wooga for some time now and have been impressed by the company’s response to Covid-19. One of their big achievements, aside from keeping everyone safe and transitioning to fully digital and remote work, is how they have kept up their corporate culture alive during this period. The management and the employees had many good ideas to maintain and improve their virtual communication and social interactions since they started to work remotely.

We are happy to share with you some insights and best practises of Wooga, who kept growing during this period and now count over 250 employees.

  • Regular coffee breaks moved on Google Hangouts or on Slack. Anyone feels like taking a break and chatting? Jump in the virtual coffee room.
  • On Friday evenings, people are invited to gather with their colleagues, maybe share a beer. This also moved to Google Hangouts and still sometimes transforms into Karaoke evenings, as it did in the office.
  • Official Government news related to the situation were collected, organised, and shared by management via e-mail and Slack to keep everyone informed.
  • Employees have offered virtual yoga classes for their colleagues
  • Parents organised a Slack channel to share experiences and ideas about entertainment and home schooling.
  • A general support Slack channel was implemented so that employees can support each other with daily tasks such as grocery shopping and such.
  • Being a games company, gaming groups were also organized so that Wooga can keep playing video games together.
  • The company’s “Mystery Lunch” format, to bring employees who do not know each other, closer together, still exists and now happens virtually.
  • Employees have been sent a champagne bottle on the occasion of a special achievement and then celebrated virtually all together.
  • A special budget has been unlocked to allow them to improve their work-from-home environment

If you have any questions how to improve your corporate culture while you work remote, please contact our MD Marie (marie@doneberlin.com) or visit DONE!DIGITAL: https://doneberlin.com/donedigital/