Janet first joined N26 as an HR Business Partner and Project Manager. This is where she met Cornelia, who was responsible for the HR department and staff development. Janet has been with DONE! since April 2019 and is additionally responsible for tasks such as filling the Head of HR role for the clients. She is an absolute talent acquisition specialist. At DONE! she will be driving forward the company’s focus on sustainability.

Marie joined the team in 2016 and in her new role she will focus on the themes: New Work and New Business. She is also responsible for the marketing and has handled the relaunch of the website. She supports the clients through recruiting, consulting on strategy and organizational processes.

Cornelia has been involved in the rapid development of the start-up scene in Berlin from the very beginning and was one of the first to assist founders and CEOs with scaling and internationalisation. She founded DONE! in 2013 and since then her and her team have advised more than 500 startups, including big names like Airbnb Europe, Amorelie, Casper, foodspring, GetYourGuide, Infarm, Juniqe, N26 and WeWork; bringing more than 3,000 employees into the start-up scene.

Recipe for Success of Absolute Dynamism Continues

Revenue and profit at DONE! are growing by 40 percent annually. Such growth rates are impressive. For this reason, the new management also wants to stick to the success factors of boutique consulting. This is based on two main pillars: the start-up mentality itself and the New Work culture.

The 20 DONE! employees can decide for themselves where they want to work from, when they are most efficient and which tasks they enjoy.

For the customer, the flexibility is evident in the individual consulting services, which are not based on long-term contracts, but on offers. Even minimal consulting hours are possible.

Since start-ups have to be flexible, so is DONE! The cooperation can be increased or stopped at any time, it is cost-efficient and transparently structured – without overhead, and only on an hourly basis. “In fact, only 20 percent of our collaborations are based on a contract,” says Cornelia. “I’d rather rely on a gentlemen’s agreement than a mountain of paperwork. It takes a lot of time and paper doesn’t solve problems.”

Furthermore, DONE! has developed a unique service for young companies: the 10-card for a maximum of 10 consulting hours. With this product, founders and CEOs can also turn to DONE! once in a while, only when they need an ad hoc sparring partner for their challenges.